In this article, we will tell you how to choose the best Fellowes paper shredder. In our opinion, there are four important characteristics to take into account before purchasing a shredder. Security levels of Fellowes paper shredders. Are your documents very confidential, in this case, you will need that they are no longer usable after they go through the machine? What type of documents will you destroy? Will you just destroy paper or will you also need to destroy CDs, paper clips, credit cards or staples, for example? And finally, what technologies do you need?

Security levels of paper shredders.

Fellowes Shredder - M-8C
Fellowes M-8C Paper Shredder
The level of confidentiality of the documents you intend to destroy will be more or less important. Are you going to destroy bank documents that must be made unusable afterwards? Will be shredding less confidential documents like old invoices no longer of great interest? Depending on this element, you will choose between devices with higher or lower security levels. These levels are expressed in “Din”. The higher the level the smaller the particles will be after the documents have passed through the insertion slot.

There are seven levels of shredding security:

P1 and P2

Offering so-called “standard” security and are intended for conventional documents. Your documents will be destroyed in 5.8 mm strips. An A4 type sheet will be destroyed to 36 particles.


Intended for your confidential documents, once passed through the insertion slot, the documents will be difficult to assemble and read since they will be transformed into 4 × 50 mm particles. An A4 sheet will be destroyed to approximately 320 particles.


Also intended for confidential documents, they will be made extremely difficult to read and assemble. Documents destroyed in 4x38mm particles. An A4 sheet will be shredded to 420 particles.


For highly confidential documents. Documents made almost impossible to read and exploit since transformed into particles of 2 × 15 mm. An A4 sheet will be shredded to 2000 particles


For high-security needs, government documents, for example, will be transformed into particles of 0.8 × 12 mm. An A4 sheet will be shredded to 6000 particles


For the most extreme security needs demanding very high-security precautions. A din P7 security level paper shredder destroys documents to particles of 0.8x5mm. An A4 sheet will be shredded to 15.000 particles

Interesting Paper Shredder Facts.

  • Shredders were first invented in 1909 but gained huge reputation until the late 1970s where offices started using them to get rid of unwanted papers in mass.
  • Paper shredders are used around the world to destroy both legal and illegal documents.
  • Make sure you use P5 security level of higher to keep your information private.
  • All the shredded paper does not contribute to pollution
  • All papers can be recycled and made again into usable paper.

What types of documents will you destroy?

There are several types of document shredders, some just destroy paper like the Fellowes P-28S for example, and others will also allow you to destroy CDs, DVDs, or even credit cards. Take care to look at these features when purchasing. Today the majority of these devices can destroy CDs, DVDs and credit cards. They also allow you to destroy staples and paper clips, which is practical because it allows you to destroy complete files without having to disassemble them beforehand.

What technologies do you need?

After you have determined for what reason you are going to use your device for, it is important to know the type of technology you need. Indeed nowadays document shredders are more and more sophisticated and present tools intended to make their use more pleasant, let us see together the different technologies proposed.

Fellowes paper shredder anti-jam technology

Some devices such as the Fellowes Powershred 63CB or even the Fellowes 79 Ci have a function called “100% anti-jam” preventing paper jams as a preventive measure and guiding the papers if it is inserted incorrectly. Other models are equipped with the so-called “jamming stop” technology preventing the machine from starting if the amount of paper stored in the basket is too large. Paper jams are not necessarily very serious incidents, but there is nothing more annoying than having to stop work to resolve them.

Fellowes Safety devices

While basic document shredders like the Fellowes M8c offer manual locking systems, others like the Fellowes 73Ci or the Fellowes 63CB have a technology called “SafeSense” allowing an automatic shutdown of the device as soon as a hand is detected as being too close to the insertion slot.

“Silent” devices

Please note, of course, that no device is 100% silent, it would be too good! However, some models like the Fellowes Automax 200C are equipped with SilentShred technology and they will make less noise than most document shredders on the market.

The Auto-Oil function

This function automatically presents the cutting cylinders on the top-of-the-range models, making the maintenance of the appliance much easier and considerably prolonging its service life.

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