Do you need to count people coming in and out of your premises or event?

This handheld tally counter is ideal for keeping track of customers or staff coming in and out.  One click of the button moves the clicker counter on one number and then it can easily be reset at the end of the day or shift.  The handheld counter clicker can save time or problems with over populated venues.

Ozzy does love a good event, but have you ever organised one? Managing everything from lighting to loos, from food to fire alarms. It can be quite overwhelming.

Perhaps on a smaller scale to these high footfall festivals, you have work events, workshops, exhibitions etc. It might not be on the scale of ‘Summerfest’ estimated to be the biggest festival in the world welcoming between 800,000 and 1,000,000 people each year. That said even a few hundred people to count and organise can feel daunting. Maybe a handheld clicker is required.

The Relx Handheld Tally Counter

Relx Handheld Tally Counter
Relx Handheld Tally Counter

The Relx handheld tally counter is a handy little tool to help you run things smoothly. Super for counting in attendees of up to 9999. This small metal device sits neatly in your hand for a subtle but sure-fire way of keeping track of your numbers.  Click the counter for each person that enters to know how many have passed you.


It has a four-digit operation with a zero-clearing wheel. Ergonomic thumb ring for comfortable use. Never underestimate the power of having numbers at your fingertips. We’ll bet you good money that almost as soon as your event opens its doors someone (MD, Marketing Head, Stallholders, the list goes on!) will be asking you how many people have come so far. Being able to quickly fire out the attendee numbers keeps everyone happy and keeps you on track for a successful event.

Don’t forget that you can order the Relx handheld tally counter along with clipboards, notepads, pens and almost all of what you need for a great event. We don’t, however, provide the wrap-up Prosecco!

Just for fun – Here are some interesting festival facts

  1. Festivals are older than you might think. Originating about 3,000 years ago from the 10th Century BC.
  2. Probably the world’s most remote festival is held in Mali, deep in the Sahara desert. Think 3 days camel ride from the nearest town!
  3. SnowGlobe Music Festival is probably the most ‘chilled’ music festival in the world. Held over new year in South Lake Tahoe, USA. It mixes music, skiing and snowboarding.


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