Bad back? painful neck? stiff wrists?…. All common office-based injuries for those of us that spend up to 8 hours each day sat at a desk.

That’s nearly 2000 hours a year during which time very few of us actually sit correctly. It costs businesses millions of pounds every year with time off sick and yet it is all preventable. Here’s how:

ZONE 1: Bad Back

Caused by slouching, being too close to the desk and too high or low in your chair. A footrest or back support can really help with this by forcing you to sit correctly and elevating pressure at the base of your spine.

ZONE 2: Wrist Ache

Ever tried a wrist rest and mouse pad? They really work. Wrist ache is caused by overuse of your mobile phone but also from using a keyboard and mouse without the right support.

Neck Pain

ZONE 3: Neck Strain

You need your monitor or laptop at the right height or your neck is going to hurt. Get yourself a monitor riser and get your screen to the right height and it will make a massive difference

ZONE 4: Poor Posture

Sitting down all day isn’t good for us, but we knew that. Changing our work position with a height adjustable desk helps circulation, reduces pressure on your body and can even reduce blood pressure.


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