The Office of National Statistics believes that 50% of UK employees will be working remotely by 2020. Often travelling between clients, home and work office as well as remote meetings it’s become more important to be flexible.

Looking for a laptop bag? Here’s a good excuse for why you need to think about getting one. Whether you’re employing remote workers or are one yourself (or both) how you get from a to be to c and then across to y can be the difference between a successful day and a bad day in the virtual office. Just as important is getting you to where you need to go with everything you need.

Enter the humble laptop bag.

Lightpak Arco Laptop Bag
Lightpak Arco Laptop Bag Padded Nylon Capacity 17in Black Ref 46010

The laptop was invented in 1981 and although there’s no official date we would imagine that the dedicated laptop bag followed quite shortly after. Laptops much like remote working have changed massively over the last almost 20 years, becoming thinner and more connected than ever. With these changes, laptop bags have also progressed. From security lining to re-enforced straps. If you can imagine it, they have probably put it into a bag.

However, unless you work for MI5 or are carrying secret codes to your entire business network (and let’s face it you shouldn’t be) then finding a comfortable good sized laptop bag shouldn’t be like picking your next car.

The Functional Lightpak Arco Laptop Bag

The Lightpak Arco Laptop Bag is a functional bag with a detachable strap and plastic handle. If you’re out and about often you also need some organisation and this is where this bag can really help. There are compartments on the front with pen looks, name card section. mobile pocket, as well as the one large and one small zip compartment, perfect for the laptop and notebooks. The main compartment is padded so will help protect the fragile laptops, and yes we remember when laptops were similar to very large house bricks and would leave a dent in the ground if dropped!

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Under the flap, there’s another two compartments nicely concealed for any smaller bits you might want to keep that extra secured. The zipper section at the back has three sections for A4 documents perfect for brochures, info sheets etc.

Overall this is a nice size, not too weighty and will fit your standard size. The strap is comfortable and easy to adjust so good for however you like to wear yours! When there seems to be almost endless choice out there with bag this ticks all the boxes and is good value for money.

Do You Cycle To Work With A Laptop?

People who cycle to work with a laptop can either attach panniers to the bike or get a rucksack style laptop bag.

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