The simple act of switching to recycled office paper can dramatically affect things. As we know, climate change and dwindling resources are a huge concern.

Recycled Office Paper
Recycled Office Paper – 100% recycled A4 white paper in 80gsm – 5 Star

it’s easy to think that there’s not much that you can do about it – but you can. Don’t believe us? Read on and start making a difference with recycled office paper.

Environmental savings when using recycled papers vs average virgin fibre paper (figures are per ream)

Trees used – 0.0Kg versus 7.5KG
Water used – 22.2 litres versus 130 litres
Energy used – 7.5KW versus 26.8KW
CO2 emissions – 1.4Kg versus 2.6Kg

These are huge differences and can’t fail to make an impact. To put it into context:

  • 2 sheets of recycled paper. This saves enough energy to make 1 litre of coffee
  • 250 sheets of recycled paper. This will save enough energy to power an 11-watt energy-saving lamp for more than 36 days
  • 1000 sheets of recycled paper. This will also save the same amount of CO2 as emitted by a mid-range car over 60 km


No need to compromise on quality:

Often the main argument around recycled office paper is the quality. We all still have a vision of recycled paper being brown and a little bit rough. Also, not quite the look we are going for when printing off legal documents or sending out promotional letters.

Those days are long gone. However, with recycled paper offering the same whiteness as the non-recycled. It is also produced to the highest standards giving perfect performance on laser and inkjet printers. Put side by side, you often now wouldn’t be able to tell the difference!

Interested in doing your part for the environment? Chat with one of our experts about the best recycled office paper for you. Give us a call today.

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