Stationery Hamper For The Office Desk


Why would you buy a stationery hamper?  
Here are some good reasons.

Have you got a new person starting in the office?

Are you tired of the old trays, stapler and waste paper bin that you are using?

Do you know somebody that is starting their own business?  This is a great gift for somebody setting up a business!

Why not get all the office supplies you need in one go with an Octopus stationery hamper!

If you order the stationery hamper, you receive everything you need for your desk without having to go through brochures or websites making lists.  It is all there for you in one box.

So, what desk accessories do you get in a stationery hamper?

Stationery Hamper Contents

  • 2 x letter trays and the risers to stack them.
  • 1 x desk tidy with 6 compartments
  • 1 x plastic waste paper bin
  • 1 x half strip desk stapler
  • 1 x box of 5,000 staples
  • 1 x tape dispenser for sellotape
  • 1 x invisible tape 19mm x 33m
  • 1 x glue stick 10g
  • 1 x correction roller
  • 1 x pencil eraser
  • 1 x canister pencil sharpener

See Our Range

black-hamperThe standard colour of the Octopus stationery hamper is black, however we are able to offer some of the products in other colours such as blue or red.

Pink Stationery Hamper

We also supply the very girly pink stationery hamper.  This has all of the essential items that you need for your desk, but in bright pink.

Warning: You may need to wear eye protection if you buy the pink stationery hamper, due to the brightness of the PINK!  Some items may be slightly different to the picture due to individual product changes.

Blue Stationery Hamper

Perhaps you know somebody who is a Manchester City fan and likes all of his desk accessories to be blue or maybe blue is just their favourite colour.  Most of the items will be blue, however the certain items are only available in black.

Red Stationery Hamper

Maybe your colleague or friend is a Manchester United or Liverpool fan and wants his office essentials all to be matching red.  This is the ideal gift for their office or study.  Most of the items will be red, however the certain items are only available in black.

*Octopus not included

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